Functionality :

STAFF Mr. Nilkanth Vishnu Talawdekar

Umesh Avhad

Aadesh Suryarao- (CEO, Incubation Centre)

1 AR-vacant

Research Administration & Promotion Department


  1. AR: Board of Research, RRC, IAIP, continuation/ permanent affiliations of Research Centers, conduction of PET Exam, M. Phil and Ph.D. – registration to award
  2. AR &CEO: Board of Innovation, Incubation, Board of National & International Linkages (GIAN, Incubation Centre, Foreign Student Cell), UGC/ MHRD/ RUSA/ DST/ DBT/ CSIR R& D Minor/Major Research Proposals and schemes, Industrial Consultancy, CSR Funding, FIST, SAP

1 DR + 2 AR +1 CEO

Under Director (Innovation, Incubation and Linkages)

Address Thesis Section
Nanoscience & Nanotechnology Bldg,
Kalina Campus,
University of Mumbai,
Mumbai 400098.
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CONTACT Phone no: 9167563793
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Thesis Section

PET Syllabus of different subjects