Fort Administration Department (FAD)

Functionality :


STAFF Smt. Sujata S. Nawale
Deputy Registrar
AR- Vacant
Fort Administration Department (FAD)

DR: Gen Admin of Fort and Churchgate Campus, Campus Hygiene and Garden Maintenance, Inward, Outward, Record and Documentation, Vehicle Purchase, Maintenance and Transportation, Telephone and Intercom Facilitation, records.

1DR + 1 AR

Under Registrar

Under Registrar
02 Superintendent- Vacant
01 Head Clerk- (Visitors’ Unit)
01 Head Clerk- (Maintenance Unit)
01 DEO- (Maintenance & Visitors’ Unit)
01 Sr. Clerk – (Maintenance Unit & Visitors’ Unit)
02 Temp. Ty. Clerk
01 Receptionist
01 Telephone Operator
01 Telephone Attendant

CONTACT 022 68320023
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