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Thane Campus

University of Mumbai, Thane Sub Campus is an institute that stands on the foundation of students distinct from the crowd, learning to groom their skills and being trained to their highest potential to meet the requirements of the dynamic corporate world.

We offer two Five year Integrated Courses – Bachelors in Management Studies – Masters in Business Administration (BMS-MBA) and Bachelors in Business Administration- Legum Baccalaureus (BBA-LLB (Hons.)).

The campus commenced in the year 2014 intending to give both the courses a discrete approach and nurture students resourcefully, preparing them for the competitive industrial environment. It is spread across 6 acres of land consisting of amenities like tech-savvy classrooms, library,computer center and a digital seminar hall etc.

The syllabus is designed such that it makes the study environment on this campus exclusive and versatile. The structure of this course allows MBA students to opt for Major and Minor specialization (Finance, Marketing, Human Resources and International Business) in their first year of MBA itself, that helps them adapt to their subjects proficiently.

Apart from the conventional advances of the courses, we go beyond the theoretical study of subjects, including Presentation Skills, Disaster Management, Business ethics, Corporate Leadership, Emotional Intelligence, Business Etiquette, Public Relations in the course structure.

The in-house faculty and guest faculty – researchers, academicians and industry practitioners who are specialized in their respective fields – conduct lectures and encourage interactive sessions among students.

Students on our campus have interned with various established firms and companies, acquiring practical knowledge of their corresponding courses and represented the University in diverse events like Model United Nations, Youth festivals, various cultural and sport events, moot courts etc., displaying their skills outside the purview of mere academics.

Message from I/C Director

Dr. Suchitra Naik
I/C Director,
University of Mumbai,
Thane Sub Campus


” We seek to instill in our students a passion for learning that will bring the knowledge and understanding required for a positive contribution to the society. The campus spearheads variety of training sessions and workshops beyond the curriculum catering industry preparedness.

The students have a rich experience by participating in wide range of events thus harnessing their potentials and displaying their innate abilities outside the purview of mere academics.”

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Co-curricular Activities

  • News and Events

    University of Mumbai, Thane Sub-Campus held its first Inter Collegiate Cultural Fest and Annual Utsav, organised by the students, providing a platform to more than 150 colleges to showcase their talent in diverse categories.

    Youth Fest
    This campus has hosted the University of Mumbai’s Youth festival engaging 35 colleges and concluding the occasion efficaciously.

    Moot Court
    School of Law conducts Fresher’s Moot Court Competition every year to guide and encourage the students to participate and inculcate knowledge of law on practical basis.

    Our college has always been boosting students to participate as well as organise cultural and academic events such as fresher’s gatherings, teacher’s day celebration and formation of Moot Court Association.

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