Human Resource Development Cell (HRDC)

Functionality :

STAFF Dr. Ashok Hema Farde

A. AR-I :  Mr. Damse Ramesh Ganpat
B. AR-II: Mrs. Surekha Cholaso
C. AR-III: Mr. Prakash Mahadik

Human Resource Development Cell (HRDC):


  1. AR-I :Non-teaching appointments, promotions, transfers, disciplinary actions and service records, Roster, Annual CR
  2. AR-II: Superannuation & Work related to Post retirement benefits, Deployment of Daily Wedges Staff, Implementation and monitoring of Employee Welfare Schemes
  3. AR-III: Recruitment/ Services of statutory Officers, Maintenance and updating Service Book of teaching and Nonteaching Staff, facilitation of correspondences with Director, JD-HE and other Govt Offices

1DR + 3 AR

Under Registrar

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