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Indo-Canadian Studies Centre

The Indo-Canadian Studies Centre – ICSC – of the University of Mumbai has been sponsored by the British Columbia Province, Canada, through the University of the Fraser Valley, B.C., Canada.

The ICSC is a resource centre that facilitates research in Indo-Canadian Literature and Cinema. Its collection of books and DVDs is available for reference on the premises of the centre, to students and research scholars who are interested in this subject.

Additionally, the ICSC arranges symposiums, workshops, fellowship programmes, conferences and lectures series by prominent scholars in this field. The Centre also organises film shows and discussions.

The formal inauguration of the centre, followed by an International Inaugural Symposium, took place on Monday 3rd October, 2011. The Consul General of Canada in Mumbai and the Vice Chancellor of the Mumbai University were the Chief Guest and Guest of Honour at this function. The speakers at the symposium were scholars of international repute from Canada, Germany and India.

On 14th November 2011, the Centre was visited by an educational delegation led by Mr. Mike de Jong, Health Minister, B.C. Province, Canada. Mr. de Jong announced a further grant to the ICSC from the B.C. Provincial Government at this meeting. The delegates met their counterparts at the Mumbai University and discussed collaborations, research projects and faculty and student exchange.

So far the ICSC has conducted two fellowship programmes at which scholars from Canada and Italy have visited the centre and given public lectures and conducted workshops. Several lectures have been organised over the years under the lecture series initiative.

The ICSC organised a three-day international conference in February 2013 at which academics and scholars from around India and the world had presented papers.

In 2013 the ICSC from the South Asia Diaspora Fund awarded by the British Columbia Province, Canada, through its partner the University of the Fraser Valley’s Centre for Indo-Canadian Studies instituted a Senior Fellowship in the area of diaspora cultural, health and nutritional issues. Three senior fellows have been awarded this fellowship so far and have visited Canada for their field work.

ICSC welcomes researchers and students to borrow books and DVDs from its collection and to attend lectures and other programmes. There is no lending charge for Mumbai University students and researchers for books/DVDs. For consultations on Indo-Canadian Literature and Cinema projects please take an appointment by email.

Professor Dr. Nilufer E. Bharucha was the Honorary Coordinator of the Centre from October 2011 to December 2019. Dr. Sachin Labade, Associate Professor, Department of English took the charge as the Honorary Coordinator of the ICSC from March 1, 2020.

Location: Room 49, Ground Floor, Ranade Bhavan, Kalina Campus, University of Mumbai, Mumbai 400098


Lecture Series by the Indo-Canadian Studies Centre (ICSC)

On 4th October 2011, the Indo-Canadian Studies Centre (ICSC) had organised the first two lectures in its Lecture Series initiative where two international scholars in the field of Indo-Canadian Studies gave lectures at the University of Mumbai.

The first lecture was given by Professor Susan Fisher, Professor of English at the University of the Fraser Valley, Canada on The Great War: Canada Creation Story? Dr. Fisher spoke on how the first world war resulted in poetry and literature that came to symbolise the Canadian Nation and in that sense became the foundational creation story of Canada.

The second lecture was given by Professor Barbara Schmidt-Haberkamp, Professor of English at the University of Bonn, Germany, on Spatial Politics in Yann Martel’s Life of Pi. Dr. Schmidt-Haberkamp spoke of how the protagonist of the novel is stuck on the boat and has to share the cramped space with a Royal Bengal tiger. He survives like this for many months until he reaches the shore. Through this novel Dr. Schmidt-Haberkamp dealt with how space is a major marker in this novel and subsequently in the lives of the diasporics.

The lectures were attended by university students and faculty members. Also with their responses the audience made the lectures a very enriching experience

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