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The University Department of Kannada was established in the year 1979. This Department offers M.A., M.Phil and Ph.D programmes in Kannada and courses for Certificate and Diploma in Kannada.
The Department gives equal importance to Research and Teaching. Team of its Faculty Members is known for its devotion to the profession along with keen inclination towards Research activities. Individual differences of the students are taken care of. Personal as well as academic problems of the students are given due consideration. Apart from the routine activities, the department is constantly engaged in extension programmes like Publication, Study Tours, Projects, Symposia. Meeting the Authors, Book Talks and such other intellectual activities. The department regularly invites several literary stalwarts of Kannada language to provide the students and members of faculty with opportunities to have a cordial, informative and innovative interaction with them.
The Department of Kannada offers centralized lecture programmes for post-graduate students for the benefit of students of the department as well as of other centers. University of Mumbai finances the Department to create and maintain infrastructural facilities for its teaching learning activities, Research and related programmes. Additional finance required for research work is sought by members of faculty from National Agencies like U.G.C. The department has established close contacts with the Researchers, Creative Writers, Research Institutions, and Departments of other Universities both within and across the discipline. This interaction is maintained at personal as well as Institutional levels.



The Department has an independent Library with Reference collection of over 5,000 books on Literature, History, Biographical Works, Research Activities and other related subjects. It supports the information needs of the students and teachers besides the facilities available in J.N. Library on the Campus which houses more than 50,000 books. The students enrolled in the Department can avail reading as well as borrowing facilities at both the libraries.


1) Govt. of India Scholarships for SC/ST students are available for all eligible candidates.
2) Scholarships offered by Govt. of Karnataka.
3) Scholarships offered by the Karnataka Sangha, Mumbai.
4) A Few students are offered Free – ships by the University.
5) One merit Scholarship is offered by the University.


There are Hostels for boys and girls within the Campus. One seat each for male and female students are reserved for the Kannada Department.

OTHERS:  Texts and Reference Books are provided to students from the Book Bank Scheme of the Department.


How To Reach:

The Department of Kannada is housed on the First Floor of RANADE BHAVAN, located in well planned Vidyanagari Campus of the University of Mumbai. The Vidyanagari Campus is off Vidyanagari Marg, known as C.S.T. Road, near Kalina.

Post Graduate

Course Name M.A. IN KANNADA
Structure Two years regular course with eight papers in total. There are four papers each of 100 Marks for Part I (i.e. First year) and the same pattern for Part II (i.e. Second year).


Diploma Course

Eligibility A candidate for being eligible for admission to the Diploma in Kannada must have passed the degree course with a working knowledge of Kannada Language. This is a Part-time One year course.


Certificate Course

Eligibility This course is offered Specially for Non-Kannadiga’s. This is a Part-time One Year (Post S.S.C) Course. (August to March)
Eligibility: S.S.C Pass
Centres One at Kalina Campus & One at Navimumbai Kannada Sangha, Vashi

Syllabus for Post Graduate


Course Name:  M.A. (Kannada)

This is a regular course of two years duration (four Semesters) with eight papers in each year. It follows the Choice Based Credit System. There  are  eight  papers  each  of  60  Marks   for  Part  I  (i.e.  First year with first and second semesters) and the same pattern for Part II  (i.e.  Second year with third and fourth semesters) with Internal Assessment of 40 Marks.

Passing the entrance test is compulsory for taking admission.


(First Semester)

Paper  I      Modern  Kannada  Prose  &  Poetry

Paper  II     History  of  Kannada  Language and Grammer

Paper  III    History  of  Kannada  Literature

Paper  IV    Special  Study  of  a  Literary  Form (Novel)


Paper  IV    Study  of  another  Indian  Literature  : Marathi


(second Semester)

Paper  I       Modern Kannada Prose and Drama

Paper  II       Kannada Prosody (Chandassu)

Paper III       Modern Kannada Literature

Paper  IV    Special Study of a Literary Form (Novel)


Paper  IV     Study  of  another  Indian  Literature  : Marathi


(Third Semester)

Paper  I      Old   Kannada Prose and Poetry

Paper  II     Cultural  History  of  Karnataka  &  Kannada  Folklore

Paper  III     Poetics

Paper  IV    Research Methodology

Paper  V      Translation


(Fourth Semester)

Paper  I       Literary criticism

Paper  II     Advanced Kannada writing skills

Paper  III    Project on Kannada literary history


Paper  III   Project on creative writing

Syllabus for Diploma Courses

There are three papers each of 100 marks, an assignment and a Oral Test.
Paper I              Structure of Kannada
Paper II             Kannada Literary Text
Paper III           Cultural History of Karnataka
Paper IV           Assignment and Oral Exam (50 Marks each)

Syllabus for Certificate Courses

There are two theory papers and an oral test comprising of 200 marks in total and the passing minimum is 50%. The syllabus comprises of the following topics:

1) Introduction to the Language and Literature
2) Introduction to the basic vocabulary and sentences
3) Introduction of basic grammatical features
4) Comprehension of passages
5) Introduction to simple Text

Teaching Staff

The Following list gives information on the Faculty of the Department. Besides regular members of Faculty, teachers from local colleges are also invited to lecture and participate in the activities of the department.

 Dr. G.N. Upadhya

M.A., M.Phil & Ph.D.

Asst. Professor & Head

Mobile: 9220212578



Dr. Poornima S. Shetty

M.A., M.Phil & Ph.D.

Asst. Professor (Temporary)

Mobile: 9594553402





Visiting Faculty

Dr. K.V. Karnad

M.A., Ph.D.

Retired Associate Professor & Head, Department of Kannada,

R. J. College, Ghatkopar (West), MUMBAI – 400 086

Area of Specialisation : Cultural Studies, Comparative Studies and History of Literature.

Status of Guidance of Research and achievements: Recognised guide for M.Phil and Ph.D.



Dr. K. Raghunath

M.A., Ph.D.

Retired Associate Professor & Head, Department of Kannada,

R. J. College, Ghatkopar (West), MUMBAI – 400 086.

Area of Specialisation: Literary Criticism, Comparative Dravidian Linguistics and Modern Kannada Literature.

Status of Guidance of Research and achievements: Recognised guide for M.Phil and Ph.D.


Dr. G.V. Kulkarni

M.A., Ph.D.(Kannada and English)

Retired Kannada Professor, Department of Kannada, University of Mumbai

Area of Specialisation : Noted poet, critic & scholar

Status of Guidance of Research and achievements: Recognised guide for M.Phil and Ph.D.

Mobile: 9324242172


Non teaching staff

Reshma D. Mane
Sr. Typist Clerk
Department of Kannada,
University of Mumbai,
Ramesh H. Chavan
Department of Kannada,
University of Mumbai


Research Staff (Non.Net UGC Fellowship)

Uma Rama Rao

M.A., M.Phil



Shailaja Hegde

M.A., M.Phil

Mobile: 9869739421




Department is actively engaged in research activities. Till today, more than 45 students have completed Ph.D. studies under the department. More than 80 students have been awarded M.Phil. degree. Seven students are currently pursuing Ph.D. As per the revised syllabus, post graduate students are required to get involved in minor research activity and submit a dissertation report. Several of our research works at Ph.D., M.Phil. and M.A. levels have been appreciated by the evaluators and are published in the form of books.

The department also publishes standard books of its students as part of its research activity. A compilation of such publications during the past three years is presented here.


Ph. D. Publications:

Dr. Poornima Shetty: Mumbai Kannadigara siddhi sadhnegalu (2017)

Dr. C. R. Shyamala Karnatakada Paleyagararu: Ondu adhyayana (2017)

Dr. Dakshayani Yadahalli: Akka Mahadevi mttu Meera Bai: Ondu taulanika Adhyayana (2018)


 M.Phil. Publications:

Durgappa Kotiyavara:   Mumbai Vishvavidyalayada Kannada Vibhagada Sadhane

Shivaraja M. G.:             Kannada Gadegala Antaranga Bahiranga

Shailaja Hegde:             Kalidasana Meghaduta mattu Kannada Rupantaragalu

Uma Rao:                      S. L. Bhyrappanavara Parva: Aayama mattu Ananyate

Veena Shastri:              Odeyara Alvikeyalli Sangeeta mattu sahitya

Ratna M. N.:                  Charu Vasanta Ayama Ananyate

Gemsingh N. Rathod:  Shri Datta Digambara Manikeshwararu

Surekha S. Devadiga:  Devadiga Jananga Ondu Samskritika Adhyayana


Publications of M.A. students:

Hema S. Amin : Kalyaniyalli male
Hema S. Amin : Avarella Devaragiddare
 Surekha Shetty: Tulu Kannadigara Rayabhari: M. D. Shetty
Dinakar Nandi Chandan: Adarsha Shikshaki Mary B. Pinto
Y. V. Madhusudana Rao: Bahumukha Pratibheya Nyayamurthy: B. N.  Shri Krishna
Gita Manjunatha: Kalasourabha Saroja Shrinath
Anita Takode : Mohana Taranga
Anita Takode : Kannada sahityakke Dr. B. Janardhana Bhat avara koduge,




01 Bharatiya Rangabhoomi Parampare Sri  Adya  Rangacharya 1986
02 Mahakriti Dr.R.S.Mugali 1986
03 Maharastrada Kannada Shasanagalu Dr.M.M.kalburgi 1987
04 Patragalu Chitrisida Govinda Pai (Ed) Dr.S.K.Havnoor 1987
05 Karnatakadalli  Bouddha Samskriti Dr.Taltaje  Vasanthakumar 1988
06 Karnatakada Shikshana Parampare Dr.Jyothsna Kamath 1988
07 Swaroopa Vimarshe Dr.C.N.Ramachandran 1988
08 Shivaji Mallammaji  Samarothsav (Marathi) (Ed) Dr.S.K.Havanur 1989
09 Deep Ujale Amucha Ghari (Marathi) Dr.H.M.Nayak and Dr.S.P.Patil (Translation) 1989
10 Pu.La.Deshpande (Ed) A.R. Toro & Virupaksha Kulkarni 1989
11 Dashamana (Souvenir) (Ed) Dr.G.D.Joshi 1990
12 Shuddha Shuddha Kannada Prof.M.Rajagopalacharya 1990
13 Kalidasana  Kritigalu Prof.S.V.Parameshwara Bhatta 1991
 14 Keruru   Vasudevacharya Dr.P.G.Mudgal 1993
 15 Janapara Niluvu (Ed) Dr.Taltaje Vasanthakumar 1993
16 Da.Ka.Jilleya Aitihyagalu Dr.A.Subbanna Rai 1993
17 Tuluvara  Mumbai Valase Dr.Vishwanath karnad 1994
18 Shasanagalalli  Eradu Vamshagalu Dr.H.P.Nagarajaiah 1994
19 Churamuri  Sheshagiri Rayara Shakuntala Natakavu (Ed.) Dr.P.G.Mudgal 1995
20 Huilagola Narayana Rayaru Dr.G.D.Joshi 1996
21 Draupadee Sameekshe Dr.Manimalini V.K. 1996
22 Samshodhana Ranga Dr.Taltaje Vasanthakumar 1998
23 Karantara Kadamabarigalalli Stree Dr.Suneetha M.Shetty 2000
24 Muttina Sattige Dr.Taltaje Vasanthakumar 2001
25 Godavaramirda Kannada Nadu Dr.G.N.Upadhya 2002
26 Siddharamana  Sonnalige Dr.G.N.Upadhya 2003
27 Kavi Chintaka Kadengodlu Dr.Suneeti  Udyavar 2003
28 Bouddhayana Dr. Taltaje Vasanthakumar 2005
29 Kannada Somshodhana Suchi (Ed) Shri  Masali 2007
30 Chinnara  Chilume Kavita Krishna 2008
31 Bogasi Tumba Bhakti Dr.G.N.Upadhya 2008
32 Maharashtra  Karnataka  Aadana Pradhana Dr.G.N.Upadhya 2009
33 Karnataka Samskrati  Hejjje Hadi Dr. G. N. Upadhya 2009
34 Karnataka  Kashida Dr.Mradula Kirloskar 2010
35 Avalokana (Ed) Dr.G.N.Upadhya 2010
36 Mysore Samskrutika Sankathana Dr.Leela B 2010
37 Anubhaava  Sahityada Vibhinnna Nelegalu Dr. G. N. Upadhya 2010
38 Kalatapaswi  H.B.L.Rao Dr. G. N. Upadhya 2012
39 Ankana  Sahityada anda hechchisida M.B.Kukian Dr. G. N. Upadhya 2012
40 Kannada Rangabhoomi Toulanika Adhyayana DrBharath Kumar Polipu 2013
41 Kannada Vangmayakke Vishukumar koduge Dr.Eashwar  Alevoor 2013
42 Karnataka Samskriti  Chintana Dr.G.N.Upadhya 2013
43 Mumbai  Kannada  Katha sahitya Dr.Mamata Rao 2013
44 Arabbee Kadala  Teeradalli kannada kalarava (Ed) Dr.G.N.Upadhya 2013
45 Hindana hejjeya Kandallade Dr.G.N.Upadhya 2013
46 Mayanagari Dr.B.A.Sanadi 2013
47 Hosagannada  Vangmaya Vihara Dr. G. N. Upadhya 2013
48 Jeevi  Sahitya  Samagra Darshana Dr. G. N. Upadhya 2014
49 Bendre K.S.Na haagu Jeevi Smt.Surekha.R.Naik 2014
50 Vachana Sahityada Odina Vibhinna Nelegalu Dr.Manonmani Udaya 2014
51 Karnataka Maharastra  Devanudevategalu Dr.Medha Kulkarni 2015
52 B.S.Kurkal Avara Samagra kavya Dr.G.N.Upadhya (ED) 2015
53 Maharastrada kannada Sthalanamagalu Dr.G.N.Upadhya 2015
54 Ra.Ha.Deshapande Dr. Krishna Kolhara Kulkarni 2015
55 Sahitya Vijnana Samanvayaka Mrs. Rama Udupa 2016
56 Patrakarta Jokatte Dr. G. N. Upadhya 2016
57 Aurobindo’s influence on Dr. Gokak Dr. G. N. Upadhya 2016
58 Vichara Sahitya Dr. G. N. Upadhya 2016
59 Naanu …. Nanna Swagata Chandrashekhar Palettadi 2017
60 Mumbai Kannadigara Siddhi Sadhane Dr.Poornima Shetty 2017
61 Avalokana 2017-18 Ed. Dr.G.N. Upadhya 2017
62 Eradu Upanyasagalu Dr.Janardhana Bhat 2017
63 Purva Karnatakada Paleyagararu Dr.C.R.Shyamala 2018
64 Shrinivasa Havanura Baduku Baraha Dr.Rajeshwari M.R 2018
65 Akkamahadevi mattu Meerabai ondu taulanika adhyayana Dr.Dakshayani Yadahalli 2018
66 Mayanagariyalli Kannada kalarava Dr. G. N. Upadhya 2018
67 Maharashtrada Kannada Shasanagala Samskritika mahtva Dr. G. N. Upadhya 2018
68 Kalasourabha Saroja Shrinath Gita Manjunatha 2018
69 Avalokana:  Nalavattara Sambramadalli Kannada Vibhaga (Ed.) : Dr.G.N.Upadhya 2019
70 Avalokana (Ed. ): Dr.G.N.Upadhya 2019
71 TuluvaraValseya Parishodhane Dr. K. V. Karnad 2019
72 Samachintana Dr. K. V. Karnad 2019

Events and Activities 

Department of Kannada is playing a major role in shaping the community through its various extension programs and making the community aware of recent trends in language, literature and culture.

Departmental students and faculty members actively participate in extension programs like conducting seminars, workshops, cultural activities conducted by several NGOs and other institutions.

Our department has multi talented students who have excelled in various fields like arts, music, sports and even magic shows

Every year department invites stalwarts in the field of Kannada literature and arranges for endowment lectures. Following are the established lectures:


Department Endowment Lectures

  1. Mysore Association Golden Jubilee Endowment (1981)
  2. Bendre Memorial Endowment (1988)
  3. Kannada Dept. Decennial Endowment (1900)
  4. Dombivili Karnataka Sangha Kumara Vyasa Endowment (1997)
  5. R. Acharya Endowment (1997)
  6. Jaya Suvarna Endowment (1998)
  7. M. Amin Endowment (1999)
  8. Sadanada Suvarna Sponsored Shivarama Karanta Endowment (2014)
  9. Mitra Vrinda Sponsored Rashtrakavi Kuvempu Endowment (2018)

Some representative accounts of such programs along with photographs are presented here.

Events during 2020
As a part of learning activity, the students were taken to the office of the noted daily paper of Mumbai, Karnataka Malla on 3rd March 2020. Students came to know about the process of collecting information, compiling, designing the lay out and printing the paper.

The details of the program are available at the link: https://youtu.be/YdaCjjiDHTo


The Kannada department of Mumbai university celebrated 150th birth anniversary of famous poet Muddana at WRIC auditorium, Kalina Campus, Santacruz East on Saturday, Feb 15th February 2020. Head of the Kannada department, Dr G N Upadhya presided. Muddana study centre Nandalike president Nandalike Balachandra Rao was the Chief Guest. Drawings exhibition, book release and special postal stamp release were part of the programme.
The details of the program are available at the link : https://youtu.be/EUwHxyWeDKM


A series of programmes were held as part of the centenary birth anniversary celebrations of author, writer and organizer Vidwan Ramachandra Uchil at WRIC auditorium, Vidyanagari, Santacruz on Saturday, 4th January 2020. Head of the Kannada department, Mumbai University, Dr G Upadhya presided over the programme.

The details of the program are available at the link: https://youtu.be/zhSwV7yWvLI


Events during 2019
Mumbai University, Kannada department and Karnataka Sangha Mumbai in a joint programme held at Kalina campus, Vidyanagari on Saturday released four books written by different authors. Former president of Karnataka Nataka Academy, J Lokesh, lit the lamp and released the books.

The details of the program are available at the link: https://youtu.be/7Y1JNF0WSac

The Kannada department of Mumbai University held a programme on Hasya Sahityada Avalokana mattu Beechi Samsmarane inaugurated by well-known comedian Gangavati Pranesh in memory of Beechi at Kalina Campus on Saturday , 21st September 2019. The programme was presided over by Kannada department head and professor Dr G N Upadhya. Mr. Pranesh in his speech stressed on the need of humor in our lives.

The details of the program are available at the link: https://youtu.be/vqX9gM-R610

The Kannada department of Mumbai University held a series of talks and distributed degrees to its students at Kalina Campus on Saturday, 14th September 2019. Mr. Vijayakumar Shetty, renowned drama artist delivered a special lecture on personality development by dramatics class. The programme was presided over by head of the department of Kannada, Dr G. N. Upadhya.
Retired Vice Chancellor of Hampi University, Prof B. A. Vivek Rai delivered a lecture on Research Methodology on 28th of March 2019.

The details of the program are available at the link: https://youtu.be/Eh4bzBWzets

The Kannada department of Mumbai University held an endowment lecture in the name of late author Kuvempu sponsored by Mitravrida Mulund and released four books written by Dr. Vishwanath Karnad in a programme held in J P Nayak auditorium, Santacruz East on Saturday , 16th  March  2019. Veteran author Dr. Kalegowda Nagavara inaugurated the programme. Hubballi based critic and author Dr. Shamsunder Bidaragundi delivered a lecture about the works and principles of Dr. Shivarama Karanth.

The details of the program are available at the link below: https://youtu.be/YdLJCAqtecU



Events during 2018
The Kannada department of Mumbai University held a symposium on ‘Kannada Prajne ninne indu naale’ meaning Kannada awareness, yesterday, today and tomorrow at J P Nayak auditorium, Kalina Campus on Saturday, 27th  October 2018. Journalist Sri. Chandrashekar Palettady inaugurated the programme. Professor Baragoor Ramachandrappa presided over the programme. University professors and authors took part. Mumbai University Kannada department head and Professor Dr. G N Upadhya welcomed the gathering and delivered the keynote address.
The Kannada department of Mumbai University held a special lecture on Narayana Guru under the aegis of Narayana Guru research centre at J P Nayak auditorium, Vidyanagari, Santacruz east here on Saturday afternoon on 18th August 2018. Mumbai University Kannada department head Dr G N Upadhya chaired the programme. Narayana Guru research centre, Mangaluru university director Muddu Moodubelle in his introductory speech said that Narayana Guru is not only a saint but also the herald of change.

The Kannada department of Mumbai University held a programme at J P Nayak auditorium, Santacruz East on Saturday morning, 18th  August 2018. It consisted of release of six books by different authors, special lecture and presentation of Kannada diploma certificates. Muddu Moodubelle, director of study center, Mangaluru University chaired the programme.

Events during 2017
The Kannada department of Mumbai universityThe Kannada department of Mumbai university, held a Literary evening and distributed certificates to students of Kannada at Ranade Bhavan, Kalina campus, Santacruz East on Saturday evening, 21st January, 2017.
The Kannada department of Mumbai university on Friday morning 15th December, 2017 held a national symposium at Kalina Campus. Dr G N Upadya, head of the department of Kannada led the programme. Senior author and scientist Dr Vyasarao Ninjoor inaugurated the programme. K Nagaraj, director of Karnataka Department of Culture, Haveri was present as chief guest. Well known researcher Dr Krishna Kolara Kulkarni, Galaganath, Rajapurohita Prathistana Haveri president Professor Dushyanth Nadagowda, author Mamatha Mallara and Dr Poornima S. Shetty, Mumbai University Assistant Professor, Kannada department presented their concepts.

The Kannada Department of Mumbai University felicitated well known journalist Chandrashekar Palethady, in a programme it hosted at J P Nayak Bhavan, at the in Kalina Campus, on Saturday, 1st April 2017. Kusuma C.  Palethady, Deepa Palethady, Roshan Palethady, Assistant Professor in Kannada Department and editor of ‘Aptamitra’, Dr. Poornima S. Shetty, Jay C. Salian, treasurer of felicitation committee Suresh Shetty Yeyyadi, joint treasurers Sridhar Uchil and Navin K Inna, Babu K Belchada were present on the dais.


The Kannada department of Mumbai University released seven different books by seven different authors on Saturday morning 1st April 2017. The programme was held at J P Nayak Bhavan, Santacruz east Kalina campus. Dr. Jyothi Sathish, editor of Nesaru monthly, B S Kurkal, Devudas Shetty, Shyamala Prakash, Dr. Jeevi Kulkarni, Dr. Vishwanath Karnad, senior researcher Dr. Leela B. introduced the works.

The Mysore association Golden jubilee endowment lecture 2017  lecture was held on 28th  and 29th  of January, 2017 at the auditorium of the Mysore association, Bhaudaji Road, Matunga, Mumbai-400 019. Kannada department, Mumbai University and the Mysore Association jointly hosted the event. Justice B. N. Shrikrishna delivered the lecture.