The Department of History, University of Mumbai was established in 1969 in the Fort Campus. In June 1972 it shifted its premises to the new University Campus at Kalina. The Department is located on the second floor of the Ranade Bhavan, Arts Faculty Building, at Vidyanagari. It is accessible by both the Western and Central Railways, and served by Railway stations at Santacruz and Kurla respectively. Bus nos. 37, 91, 313 and 318 ply between Santacruz and Vidyanagari and between Kurla and Vidyanagari. The Vidyanagari campus with its many trees and well laid out gardens offers an environment conducive to learning and research. The close proximity of the arts, science and commerce departments makes it a place where students and faculty from many disciplines meet. Campus walks, the canteen and the park benches offer opportunities both for faculty and students to meet and exchange ideas. Cultural and social events are also regularly organized by the students.

The Department of History has been established in 1969. The Department of History offers a two year post-graduate course leading to a Master’s Degree by papers or by dissertation. A number of students who have been awarded. M.Phil and Ph.D. degrees have gone on to make their own distinctive contribution in the field of History.
Along with the regular lectures for M.A. students, a great deal of importance is given to the presentation of seminar papers by students and their participation in the class room presentation.
The Department also organises a monthly research student seminar where M.Phil and Ph.D. students share their research findings.
Members of the faculty specialize in Ancient, Medieval and Modern Indian History. While emphasis is placed on teaching and research in Indian History a great deal of importance is also given to studying developments in an international context, and studying the histories of specific countries such as Europe, USA., China and West Asia.
The Department regularly invites scholars both in History and other related disciplines to give talks and lectures to faculty and students and makes a special effort to reach out to college teachers of the many colleges affiliated to the University of Mumbai. It consciously aims to build bridges and share information between College and University teachers with the intention to making the University of Mumbai a Centre of excellence in historical research and improve the quality of teaching at both levels. The Departments also regularly invites eminent scholars of national and international standing to deliver prestigious endowment lectures such as D.D.Kosambi Memorial Lectures; Ishwar Chandra Vidyasagar Memorial Lectures; Pandit Bhagwanlal Indraji Lectures.The Guru Gobind Singh Endowment Chair was established in the Department of History in the year 2003.
Holders of the B.A. Degree of the University of Mumbai or any other recognised Indian University who have majored in History or have studied at- least two papers in History at the graduate level are eligible for admission to the M.A. Degree in History. Students who have not offered at least two papers in History at the Graduate level but are seeking admission to the M.A. (History) programme will have to appear for an admission test. The test will be the same as given to graduates from the faculties of Arts, seeking admission to the M.A. History programme. The decision of granting admission will be made by the Head of the Department
Graduates from other Universities seeking admission to the M.A. History programme are required to first obtain an Eligibility Certificate from the Registrar, University of Mumbai. The Registrar may issue a provisional statement of eligibility if he is satisfied that the applicant is prima facie eligible for admission. Having obtained the provisional statement of eligibility, a student may seek provisional admission to this University, and on condition that he submits to the Registrar’s Office through the Head of the Department, the necessary certificates in original together with a typed / Xerox copy of each for confirmation of his eligibility before the close of the academic term in which the student is provisionally admitted to the University.



Name :- Dr Sandesh M. Wagh.
Qualification :- M.A. B.Ed., Ph.D. (SET).
Designation :-  Head and Professor, Department of History, University of Mumbai
1) Chairman, Board of Studies in History and Archeology, University of Mumbai.
2) Member, Board of Studies Ambedkar Thought, RSTM, Nagpur University.
3) Member, Board of Studies Pali and Buddhist Studies, BAMU, University Aurangabad.
4) Member, Board of Studies Jai Hind College for FC University of Mumbai.
5) Member, Board of Studies Pratap College for History Ambedkar N.M. University Jalgaon.
6) Former Member Secretary, Maharashtra State SC/ST Commission. (Additional Charge)
7) Member, Contingency Plan Committee Government of Maharashtra.
8) Member, Inter-caste Marriage Act Drafting Committee Government of Maharashtra.
9) Former Member, Mahatma Phule writings publication Committee, Government of Maharashtra.
10) Former Coordinator, ICHR Western Region of India (Goa, Gujarat, Maharashtra) HRD Ministry, Government of India.
11) Former Principal Investigator, Case Study of Atrocities on SC/ST in Maharashtra for ICSSR, HRD Ministry, Government of India.
12) Published many Books in Marathi, Hindi, English.
13) Published many Research Papers in ICSSR and ISBN.
14) Resource Person in Japan, Srilanka, Dubai, Thailand, Malaysia, Mauritius, Indonesia, Nepal, Paris in International Conference.
15) Recipient of Government of Maharashtra Dakshina Merit Fellowship of 3 Years.
16) Recipient of State Award as best N.S.S. Volunteer of University of Mumbai.
17) Recipient of Historian B.C.Bendre Gold Medal for Ph.D. Thesis of Savitribai Phule, Pune University.
18) Member, Academic Council, University of Mumbai
19) Booklet of Dr. Ambedkar translated by Government of Maharashtra and distributed in Koyasan University in Japan.
Specialisation :- Modern Indian History; Modern Maharashtra, Asia, Dalit Movement, Buddhism & Jainism, Feminism.

Name: Dr Manjiri N. Kamat

Qualification: M.A. (Mumbai); M.Phil; Ph.D (Cambridge); FRAS

Designation: Professor, Department of History, University of Mumbai

Specialisation: Modern Indian History; Urban History and Heritage, History of Labour and History of Medicine


neeta Name :- Dr. Mrs. Neeta Mahendra Khandpekar.
Qualification :- M.Phil., Ph.D., D.Litt.
Designation :- Professor.
Specialisation :- Modern/ World History, Maritime History and Missionary History.
Name :- Dr. Laxmi Keshav Salvi.
Qualification :- M.A., M.Phil., MBA., LL.B., Ph.D., NET July 2000, NET July 2001, SET July 2000.
Designation :- Associate Professor.
Specialisation :- Modern India
anagha Name :- Dr Anagha Kamble.
Qualification :- M.A. , Ph.D (NET & SET ).
Designation :- Assistant Professor.
Specialisation :- Migration/ Diaspora Studies, History of the Marginalised.
masram Name :- Dr Prakash Maroti Masram.
Qualification :- M.A., B. Ed., Ph.D., NET.
Designation :- Assistant Professor.
Specialisation :- Tribal History in India, Gandhian Studies, History of Marathas.
grishma Name :- Ms. Grishma Rana.
Qualification :- M.A., M.Phil (JNU), (NET-JRF).
Designation :- Assistant Professor.
Specialisation :- Environmental History, Spatial Studies, Intellectual History.
bhosale Name :- Dr. Narayan Bhosale.
Qualification :- M.A., M.Phil., Ph.D.
Designation :- Assistant Professor.
Specialisation :- Modern India, Social History, Feminist History.


  • Dr. G. M. Moraes was the first Professor and Head of the Department. He had the distinction of being the General President of the Indian History Congress in a premier body of historians in the country.
  • Dr. SarDesai a well know historian of South East Asia succeeded Professor Moraes as Professor and Head in 1971. He however left the department a year after his appointment to take up a Chair in the University of California and Los Angeles, U. S. A.
  • Dr. Mrs. A. J. Syed, historian of Medieval India was Professor and Head of the Department from 1975 to 1990. She had the honour of presiding over the Medieval Indian Section of the 1985 session of the Indian History Congress.
  • Professor J. V. Naik, historian of Modern India and Nineteenth Century Reform Movements took charge of the Department and later filled the post of Professor and Head of the Department from which he retired in May 1994.
  • Dr. Mariam Dossal, Specialist in Urban History & Maritime History of India, was professor & Head of the Department from 1995 To 2001.
  • Dr. S. S. Narwade, Specialist in History of Dalit Movement in India, was Professor & Head of the Department from July 2001 To July 2004.
  • Dr. T. R. Ghoble, Specialist in Asian History & History of China, was professor & Head of the Department from 2004 To 2007.
  • Dr. Ruby Maloni, Specialist in Medieval Indian History and Indian Ocean Studies, was Professor & Head from 2007 To 30th May 2010.
  • Dr. A. G. Ganachari, Specialist in Intellectual, Cultural and Legal History, was Professor & Head of the Department from 1st June,2010 To 1st May 2011.
  • Dr. T. R. Ghoble, Specialist in Asian History & History of China, was professor & Head of the Department from May 2011 To 14th April 2013.
  • Dr. A. G. Ganachari, Specialist in Intellectual, Cultural and Legal History, was Professor & Head of the Department from 15th April To 30th April  2013.
  • Dr. T. R. Ghoble, Specialist in Asian History & History of China, was professor & Head of the Department from May 2013 To May 2014.
  • Dr Ruby Maloni, Specialist in Medieval Indian History and Indian Ocean Studies was Professor and Head of the Department from May 2014 to September 2015.​
  • Dr Manjiri Kamat, Specialist in Modern Indian History with research interest in urban history, history of labour and history of medicine was Professor and Head of the Department from 1 October 2015 to 30 September 2018.