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The Department of Applied Psychology of the University of Mumbai was established as early as 1959, about 55 years ago. This was at a time when the field of Psychology was just gaining ground in India and was in its infancy in Mumbai. Activities of the department have reflected a marked growth over the last four and half decades. Along with the rigorous training in theoretical and pure psychology at MA part I level, it provides highly applied training in four specializations.
The four streams of study in applied psychology are clinical, counseling, industrial & social in M.A. part II. It is one of the universities in India to boast of training in these four streams of Psychology in a completely applied and practice-oriented manner. The department of Applied Psychology has designed its curricula to meet the challenges of our society. Subjects that help students to strengthen their knowledge in the fields of clinical, counseling, industrial and social psychology are included in the curricula. The thrust is to ensure that students master theoretical know-how and imbibe assessment and intervention skills.
Mission and Vision:
Vision Statement “Our Vision at the Department of Applied Psychology and Counselling Centre, University of Mumbai is to function as professional and socially conscious psychologists and behavioural scientists who achieve excellence in knowledge generation, serve the society by making innovative contribution in the field of mental health and actively participate in the documentation and process of social change”.
Mission Statement:
“The Mission of the Department of Applied Psychology and Counselling Centre, University of Mumbai, is to prepare human resource with capacity for knowledge creation with cutting-edge research of human behavior, to initiate socially relevant action and evolve into competent professionals across context”.
Research Lab:
The UDAP runs the very active “Center for Behavioural Research, funded by the prestigious UPE grant from the UGC. Several interesting projects are in progress under the auspices of this Center, some of them focussing on varied state of the art areas such as Rehabilitation Psychology, Disaster Management, Forensic Psychology, Multicultural Counseling, Self Identity, Suicidality, among others. Dr. Paul is the co-ordinator for this Center.”


Experimental psychology Laboratory
Department of applied psychology has a experimental psychology laboratory housed at C.D.Deshmukh Bhavan, Kalina campus University. The laboratory contains large number of instruments. Since the laboratory has been developed over many years it also has instruments of historical importance. The laboratory facility is primarily used for the conduction of experimental studies, experimental psychology practical conduction. The experiments in the area of perception and sensation (Fetchners and Stevens law), motivation, emotion, decision making, memory and learning, etc. Students design the experiments and conduct them. Nearabout 100 students utilize the facility of laboratory throughout the year for conducting the experiments. Currently the computerization of the laboratory is in progress and soon computerized experimentation is possible. “The UDAP has an updated and well equipped experimental psychology laboratory.
Psychological Testing:
Department of applied psychology has large number of psychological tests and they have been extensively used by the faculty, research students and post-graduate students. The tests in the areas of aptitude, interest, intelligence, personality, neuropsychology, clinical psychology, social psychology are frequently used. MA part I students have paper on psychological assessment and MA II students use the assessment skills in the field work. The material is also used for the purpose of carrying out research projects.
The UDAP boasts a large and varied collection of over a hundred books, some gifted by grateful past students and some purchased with generous University funding.

Post-Graduation Course

The Department offers MA, Ph.D.,
Courses Name: Master of Arts
The department offers M.A. course in psychology. The M.A. Part I provide opportunity to carry out rigors study theoretical aspect of psychology whereas M.A. II presents an exiting world of applied specializations. Students study one of the four specializations namely clinical, counseling, industrial and social in M.A. II.M.A.I
It involves in-depth and advanced study of theoretical papers of psychology. Students acquire skills of intervention that are useful in any area of psychology. They involve skills from insight-oriented, cognitive, humanistic and several other approaches. Cognitive and neuropsychological aspects of human thinking are also studied at advanced level. Attempt to developed the understanding of research methods and statistics among them is made, which is crucial to any psychologist for making contribution to the knowledge fund in the field. Students are encouraged to design and carry out experiments and testing in the laboratory to obtain and refine these skills. Apart for this, students are also required to make presentations in seminars on various advanced topics.

Courses Name: Ph.D.

satish Name : Dr. Satishchandra Kumar
Qualification : M.A., Ph.D.
Designation : Professor and Head
vivek Name : Dr. Vivek Belhekar
Qualification : M.A.,Ph.D.
Designation : Associate Professor
barhate Name : Dr. Umesh L. Bharte
Qualification : MA, M. Phil, PhD
Designation : Assistant Professor
wilbur Name : Dr. Wilbur Gonsalves,
Qualification : M.A., PhD
Designation : Assistant Professor
Name:- Dr.Priscilla Paul
Qualification:- MA PhD
Designation:- Adjunct Faculty


Admin Staff

Dr. Mohd. Zillur Rahmam Head Clerk
Mr. Praful Pandit Pawar,  Ph.D. (Research Assistant).
Ms.Geeta Mansukh kundhadia (clerk)
Mr. Prakash Raghunath Sawant (Lab Attendant).
Mr. Rajesh P. Chawda (Peon)

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