Women Development Cell (WDC)

About us

The history of WDC

The Women Development Cell was established in the University of Mumbai in the year 2001. It was done by the then hon. Vice Chancellor of the University. The establishment of the WDC is indeed a landmark achievement of the university in pursuance of the policies of women empowerment within the university ambit. The aim is to build a gender sensitive campus. The University has set up the UWDC to address concerns of gender discrimination and recommend measures and policies for gender parity at the University. After the Sexual Harassment Act of 2013 and the UGC Guidelines of 2015, the University has set up the Campus Internal Committee to address complaints of Sexual Harassment. Further, the University has directed all its colleges/institutions to set up College Internal Committees. The University as per the Maharashtra Public Universities Act is preparing a comprehensive Ordinance for Gender Discrimination and Sexual Harassment.

The aim and objective of the UWDC is to prevent sexual harassment at workplace (colleges and university campuses) and to promote general wellbeing of female students teaching and non-teaching women staff on the university and colleges. The cell is also responsible to undertake the awareness programmes on gender sensitization, women rights and women empowerment in university campuses and colleges.

The Vice Chancellor Hon. Prof. Suhas Pednekar is the ex-officio president of the WDC. The Chairperson Dr. Ashwini Halbe Karwande and secretary Dr. Urvashi Manuprasad Pandya.


Knowledge for the welfare of Nation. 


अधिकाराणांजागृतिः, स्याच्छात्रहितकारिषु।।

Let there be heart warming friendship between man and woman, let there be good understanding between them, let there be awareness regarding rights for the welfare of students. 

  • Vision 

A gender-neutral environment that facilitates independence, safety, well-being and dignity of womenfolk; empowering them with rights and equitable opportunities ensuring enrichment of their future.

लिंग-तटस्थ वातावरण जे स्वातंत्र्य, सुरक्षा, कल्याण आणि महिलांच्या सन्मानाची सुविधा देते; त्यांचे भविष्य सुनिश्चित आणि समृद्ध करून अधिकार आणि न्याय्य संधींसह त्यांचे सक्षमीकरण करते.

  • Mission

University Women Development Cell, Mumbai University, is accountable for awareness of gender sensitization, women’s rights and promoting general wellbeing of students, teaching staff, support staff, contractual and daily wages employees of MU.

UWDC is liable to create a dignified and inclusive environment for all genders in and around the ambit of Mumbai University and equip them in controlling their personal and professional lives.

UWDC will continue to strive in creating equitable opportunities to empower women to attain their full potential, enriching organisational and social life in the process which have mutual benefits to the genders and society. 

  • Objectives of UWDC
  • To create and develop a congenial environment for women employees (including teaching, support staff, and contractual as well as daily wages employees) and students (rural, urban, specially-abled, underprivileged, marginalised), allowing them to reach their full potential.
  • To undertake the awareness programmes on gender sensitization, women’s rights and women empowerment in university campuses and colleges.
  • To sensitize the students towards the special needs of all genders
  • To develop equitable opportunities for the educational avenues for women
  • To build a gender sensitive and inclusive campus
  • To address concerns of gender discrimination and recommend measures and policies for gender parity at the University
  • To prevent sexual harassment at workplace (colleges and university campuses)
  • To undertake surveys or action research projects, if necessary, pertaining to women (rural, urban, specially-abled, underprivileged, marginalised) in the society.
  • To conduct gender audit / safety audit on regular basis

‘Awake, arise and educate’

Savitribai Phule (1891-1931)

List of Members of the Internal Complaint Committee (ICC)

Campus Internal Committee

  • Prof. (Dr.) Aruna Deshpande-Presiding Officer
  • Prof. (Dr.) Priya Vaidya-Member
  • Dr. Madhavi Narsale-Member
  • Smt. Rohini Supe-Member
  • Shri. Aqeel Shaikh – Member
  • Smt. Raginee Chandratre-Member
  • Dr. Pandurang Choudhari-Member

Email id: icc@mu.ac.in

Telephone No: 022 26530143

List of UWDC Staff

  1. Suyog Hegishte                          :        Jr. Ty. Clerk
  2. Suryakant Pawar                        :         Peon


Year 2021-22

Year 2019-20



J.P.Naik Bhavan, 1st Floor,
Room no- 2, Vidyanagari,
Santacruz East, Mumbai- 400098,
Telefax – 022-26530143
Email- wdcvidya@yahoo.co.in

Chairperson, UWDC – head.wdc@mu.ac.in
Presiding Officer, ICC – icc@mu.ac.in