Syllabus of NEP-2020 UG Programme Vertical 2 Minor Basket Faculty Of Interdisciplinary Arts

Faculty of IDS Minor


                            Sem II
1 1.Geography of India Sem II 2 Credits Geography
2. Population Geography Sem II 2 Credits
2 1.Historical Perspective of Education Sem II 2 Credits Education
3 1.Basic Food Production & Service Sem II 2 Credits Hospitality Studies
2.Basic Rooms Division Sem II 2 Credits
4. 1.Introduction to Tribal, Folk and Classical Dances of India Sem II 2 Credits Dance
5. 1.Food & Beverage Service-II  (Theory) Sem II 2 Credits Maritime Hospitality Studies
6. 1.Foundation course in Indian  classical Music Sem II 2 Credits Music


1 1.Philosophical Perspectives of Education Sem III 4 Credits Education
Sem IV
1 1.Socioological Perspectives of Education Sem IV 4 Credits Education



Sem V
1 1.Psychological Perspectives of Education Sem V 4 Credits Education
Sem VI
1. 1.Educational for


Sem VI 4 Credits Education