Shastri Indo-Canadian Institute’s University Centre


The Shastri Indo-Canadian Institute’s centre was established in 2005-06 as the University of Mumbai became a member of Shastri Indo-Canadian Institute, a binational organization that promotes understanding between India and Canada through academic activities and exchanges. Dr. Coomi Vivaina, former head and professor, Department of English, was the in-charge of the centre from 2007 to 2016. Dr. Sachin Labade, Assistant Professor, Department of English accepted the honorary responsibility as coordinator in October, 2016.


The faculty/scholars from Mumbai University received grants under various schemes such as the Faculty Enrichment and Faculty Research awards under the Canadian Studies Fellowship Programme since 2006. Many faculty members have benefited from SICI programmes. The Canadian books worth CAD $ 1,848.00 were gifted to the University Library under Canadian Studies Books and Journal Programme of Shastri Institute.

Grants-benefits received 



Year Name of Scholar, affiliation & Project title Scheme/Programme Canadian Institute Grant (in CAD $)
2016-17  Ms. Sneha Singh,

K. M. Kundnani College of

Pharmacy, Mumbai

Shastri Research Student Fellowship (SRSF)- Students University of British Colombia 8000
2017-18 Dr. Sudha Mohan

Department of Civics and Politics, University of Mumbai

Shastri Faculty Training and Internationalization (SFTIG) Ryerson University 6000
2017-18 Dr. Renu Modi, African Studies Centre, University of Mumbai Shastri Faculty Training and Internationalization (SFTIG) University of Victoria 6,000.
2018-19 Ms. Anmol Dutta, Department of English, University of Mumbai Shastri Studnet Internship Project (SSIP) Western University Canda 4,500
2019-20 Lavanya Dalal

M.A. Hon with Research in English

University Department of English

Project topic: Trauma in Canadian and Indian Prison Narratives

Shastri Research Student Fellowship (SRSF) University of Waterloo /Carleton University

/University of Toronto.

400 (per week for max upto 12 weeks)
2020-21 Jaya Wathare

Project Topic:

‘Understanding the Role Of Graphic Medicine Available On Social Media In Addressing The Mental Health Issues In India and Canada’

Shastri Research Student Fellowship (SRSF) Carleton University, Ottawa 57000 (in INR)


Shastri Membership Development Fund



Year Name of The Scholar name of Programme Title of Project/ Activities Amout (INR)
2018-19 Shweta Gupta SMDF Emerging Trends and Career Opportunities in Pharmaceutical Field Across the Globe 15,000/-
2019-20 Dr Kirteebala Pawar SMDG National Seminar on “Concepts and Methodologies in Pharmaceutical Research and Career Opportunities in India and abroad “ 15,000/-
2020-21 Dr Sachin Labade GJCL Grants Virtual International Conference: Space, Narratives, and South Asian Canadian Diasporic/Transnational Experiences 1,10000/-

Research Collaboration

Research Collaboration of the University of Mumbai under SICI schemes

Year Name of Scholar Project Scheme/Programme Canadian Institute Grant (in CAD $)
2016-17 Dr. Simon Collin

(in collaboration with Dr. Vasumathi

Badrinathan, Dept. of French)

“Teachers’ Self-confidence in Using Technologies in their Teaching: The Perceived Impact of an e-Twinning Project

Between French-as-a-Foreign-Language Teachers from India and Canada”


Shastri Institutional Collaborative Research Grant (SICRG) Université du Québec à Montréal

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