Lok Kala Academy

लोकशाहीर अण्णा भाऊ साठे जन्मशताब्दी समारंभ


Lokkala Academy under the banner of Shahir Amarsheikh Adhyasan has initiated Documentation of Shahir (Balled singers) who had a great contribution for freedom movement of nation and freedom movement of Maharashtra. The shahirs whose contribution towards ballads are recorded are Padmshri Shahir Sable, Lokshahir Vitthal Umap, Shahir liladhar Hegade, Shahir Atmaram Patil etc.
Unit Cost of education, Innovation in teaching :-

Innovation in teaching through demonstrations and workshops in folk festivals either organized by department or by Govt. agencies. Lokkala Academy has organized Parampara festival in the year 2007 & 2008 and tradition of organizing Parampara festival will continue in future. This parampara festival is organized in the month of January with the help of West Zone Cutural Center and Cultural Affairs dept. govt. of Maharashtra. There were about 125 folk artists allover India including Padmabhushan Tijanbai assembled for Parampara festival. Dept. has organized workshops on folk songs, folk dances and folk plays during Parampara Festival in which exponents of folk music, folk drama Dr. Ashok Ranade, Prof. Kamalakar Sontakke, Guru Parvatikumar, Padmabhushan Tijanbai imparted knowledge to students. This workshop was Inter disciplinary in nature where students of Theatre Arts, students of Music Dept. participated in workshops.


  1. To impart scientific knowledge of Folk Lore and Performing Folk Arts
  2. To encourage the professionalism in performing Folk Art field.
  3. To create the academic ambience in Performing Folk Art field.
  4. To encourage the research, documentation and development work in PFA field.
  5. To create the powerful link between traditional approach and innovative approach.
  6. To create an additional avenue of self-employment for students of the University of Mumbai and also to benefit the cultural arena by providing it with suitably trained persons in the field of Performing Folk Arts.
  7. To prepare students to exploit opportunities in the field of Performing Folk Arts, Folk Performances Administration, Folk Research and exploit the possibilities of mass education and communication through Folk Performances which will help students to work with print media and electronic media through Folk-Culture background.
  8. To train all round folk-theatre professionals, who will provide leadership to the folk- theatre culture of the country and work as facilitators  for National and International folk-theatre.

The Academy will also undertake to plan and implement master courses and certificate courses in the field of Performing Folk Arts.


  1. Book Library
  2. Audio-Video Library”Folk Instruments for the rehearsal
  3. Camera and sound Recording system
  4. Television, Record player
  5. Computers


Vidyapith Vidyarthee Bhavan, 3rd flr.,
Shobhanath Mishra Marg, ‘B’ road,
Churchgate, Mumbai 400 020.
Phone No. 022 – 22871788.

Diploma Course

Diploma in performing folk arts.
The University of Mumbai has commenced one year post graduate diploma course in performing Folk Arts under the aeigs of Lok Kala Academy in 2004, A folk art is the expression of the ethos through music, dance and drama. Performance is its basic characteristic. Hence performing Folk Art has always heen an indivisible part of community of life and culture. Community life manifests itself through Folk-Arts relating to contemporary life which are naturally inspired and instinctive traditionalism is their hallmark. That is why the entire Folk-Lore is said to be the ‘Science of Tradition’.


Diploma in performing folk arts.

Paper no 1 Folk Lore & Folk Arts 100 marks
Paper no 2 History of Folk Arts & Classification 100 marks
Paper no 3 Performing elements of Folk arts 100 marks
Paper no 4 Practicals of Folk Arts (Individual) 100 marks
Paper no 5 Components of Folk Arts & Participation of an individual in Group Folk Arts 100 marks
Total : 500 Marks

Teaching Staff

Prof.Prakash Khandge Name:- Prof. Prakash Khandge
Designation :- Co-Ordinator, Reader
Prof.Ganesh Chandanshive Name:-Prof. Ganesh Chandanshive
Designation :- Lecturer

Total research grant received from various agencies :
“Lokkala Academy has received one time grant to set up Shahir Amarsheiks Adhyasan. The grant is one crore fifty lacs rupees from Higher Education Dept. Govt. of Maharashtra in 2007.
“Five lacs from Chief Minister’s fund in of 2004.
“Five lacs from Chief Minister’s fund in of 2007.

We have done the research project on contribution of Shahirs who has participated in “Separate Maharashtra movement”.

Annual Report of Last Academic year (1st April 2006 to 31st March 2007

Tamasha :
Between 24th to 28th July 2006 Chhaya Khutegavkar, 1st to 5th August 2006 Sahebarao Nandvalkar , 23rd to 25th August 2006 Reshma Paritekar, 14th to 16th September 2006 Varsha Sangamanerkar have given the practical as well as theoretic knowledge of Tamasha to the students of Academy. Components of Tamasha like Gana, Gaulan, and Batavani were toughed by these exponents.

Jagaran demonstration :
On 21st September 2006 a renowned artist of Poona Manikbai Rendke gave a demonstration of Jagaran. She has given the lectures on same subject between 21st & 22nd September 2006.
Jagaran study tour
Jagaran Study tour was arranged on 29th to 30th September 2006. Students visited places like Jejuri Poona, Naladurga.
Rangparampara Festival:
During 5th to 10th October 2006 Cultural Centre Govt. of Maharashtra along with West zone cultural centre had organized this festival. Students of lokkala Academy were participated in it.
Dashavtar workshop:
Dashavtar is most popular performing folk art of Konkan which has fragrance of soil and soul of Konkan. Dashavtar workshop was organized in Lok-Kala Academy from 21st to 23rd March 2007. The workshop was successfully conducted by Bhau Desai and his three group members who are renowned traditional Dashavtari artists. Students showed their keen interest in warrior dance, traditional costumes and make-up.
Parampara Festival
With the collaboration of West zone cultural centre & Lokkala academy had arranged the program called Parampara Festival. This program held on 15th to 17th Jan.2007 at Matathibhasha Bhavan, Mumbai University, Kalina Campus between 7 to 10 pm. Here all the renowned folk artists was performed there art. Purulia Chow of W. Bengal, Dilha Nam- Assam, Bhapang-Rajastan, Pandwani- Chattisgarh, Bhangada-Pnjab, Kalbelia-Rajastan and Siddi Dhamal- Gujarat these were performed there.
This festival was inaugurated by honorable while Vice Chancellor Dr. Vijay Khole grace the occasion as a Chief Guest. On the concluding section Padmashree Tijanbai was present along with Prov. Vice Chancellor Dr. Arun Savant.
During this festival Lokkala academy had conduct the workshop on Folk Music, Folk Dance and Folk Drama. In that workshops Dr. Ranade, Kamlakar Sonttakke, Dr. Uma Rele these exponents have given the practical as well as theoretic knowledge about their subjects.

Bharud demonstration :
On 2nd February 2007 a renowned artist of Marathwada Bharud- Ratna Niranjan Bhakre gave a demonstration of Bharud. He gave the lectures on same subject between 3rd to 5th February 2007. Yedka, Burgunda, are some of the popular Bharuds demonstrated by Niranjan Bhakre.

Ek Tamasha Sundarsa :
Students participated in this program of celebration of 150 years of Mumbai University . On 24th November 2006- Arts & Comares College, Vada; 1st December 2006 – Library , Kalina; 7th December 2006- D.T.S. College of Commares Kurar, Malad; 8th December 2006- Vir Vazekar College, Uran; 9th December 2006- Changu Thakur College, Panvel; 16th , 17th , 18th December 2006 – Navi Delhi , Our students performed Ek Tamasha Sundarsa at the places which are mansion above.

Colorful annual function :
During National seminar of performing folk arts, on 30th April 2006 we conduct the colorful annual function of our department. Students performed ‘Dashavtari Raja’ skit play which was based on Ritual-drama of Kokan i.e. Dashavtar. This script was written & directed by Dr. Tulasi Behere.

Student’s performances :
Students of Lok-Kala academy performed-
Lavani Mohostav :Tamasha’s Gan and Mujra on 20th March 2006 in Lavani Mahotsav at Yashvantrao Chavan pratishthan.
Radio :On 18 June 2006 Radio program ‘Lokkalanchi Jamali Gatti’
Aanandrang :Program on Celebration of 150 years of Mumbai University, 18 July 2006.

Ratnagourav Puraskar :13th August 2006 student had participated in this program at Ravindra Natya Mandir.
Rangaparampara Mohostav :5th to 11th Oct. 2006 students attained the workshop on this folk festival.
Indradhanushya Festival : On 7th November 2006 students of academy has Participated in it at Patakar College.

National Seminar on Lokdharmi performing Arts and Lokrangotsav :
Lok-Kala Academy along with Loksahitya Sanshodhan Mandal, Aurangabad had organized a National seminar on Lokdharmi Performing Arts and Lokrangotsav on 29th and 30th April 2006 at Shahir Amarshaikh Sabhagruha Churchgate.
This seminar was inaugurated by honorable Vice Chancellor Dr. Vijay Khole while Prof. Datta Bhagat, Padmashree Shahir Krishnarao Sable, Lokshahir Vitthal Umap grace the occasion as a Chief Guest. On the concluding section Padmashree Tijanbai was present along with Prov. Vice Chancellor Dr. Arun Savant who suggested that workshops should be held time to time not only in the city but also in Tribal belt of Thane district; this will enhance the unique work of Academy.
Tijanbai advised young artist to keep faith in their art form and should not go by money. During these two days students of Lok-Kala academy performed Gan and Dashavtari Raja directed by Dr. Tulsi Behere, also there were some performances like Bharud by Bharat Bhushan Bhaskar Shevantkar, Gondhal performance by Radhkrishna Kadam and Zulava, a drama directed by Prof. Vaman Kendre, presented by Rangpitha and Chandrvalay.
Dr. Prabhakar Mande, Dr. Prakash Medakkar, Prof. Kamlakar Sontakke, Purushottam Berde, Dr. Sharad Vyavahare, Prof. Prakash Khandge, Dr. Madukar Vakode, Mukund Kule, Ashokji Paranjpe, Dr. Tulsi Behere, Dr. Shashikant Barhanpurkar, Dr. Sambhaji Kharat, Layek Husen, Dr. Ashok Ranade, Madhav Vaze, Dr. Jabbar Patel, Prof. Vaman Kendre, Dr. Sadananda More, Dr. Dada Maharaj Manmadkar, Dr. Yashvant Pathak, Dr. Harishchandra Borkar, Dr. Ramesh Kubal, Dr. Bhaskar Khandge among others participated in this program.