University Department of Gujarati was established on 1st September, 1970. It is located on the First Floor, Room No.153, Ranade Bhavan, Vidyanagari Campus, University of Mumbai, Kalina, Santacruz (East), Mumbai- 400 098. At present Department offers three Post Graduate Courses M.A. (Part – I), M.A.(Part-II) and M.Phil & Ph.D. The main objective of the Department is to promote the learning and teaching of Gujarati Language and Literature.


The Dept. has a library with more than 1500 Books.

Post Graduate

M.A. (Part-I)
Paper I Study of Modern Texts
Paper III Details Studies of the two Authors
Paper V Indian & Western Literary Theory & Criticism
Paper VII A Study of Literary Forms M.A. (Part-II)
Paper II Comparative Literature (Literature and Politics)
Paper IV Philology, Linguistics and Gujarati Grammer
Paper VI Study of Medeival Texts
Paper VIII Journalism and Research Methodology & M.PHIL:(Dureation One & Half years)
Paper I Research Methodology
Paper II Approches of Literary  criticism
Paper III Modern – Post Modern Gujarati Poetry & Dissertation with the Guidence 0f the Teacher


Ph.D. : Thesis with the Guidence of the Teacher

Admission Procedure : As per University Rules and written Test for the Faculty Change other than the Faculty of Arts

Fees As per University Rules
Research Projects NIL
Working Papers/Research Paper NIL

Teaching Staff

Name: Dr. Abhay I. Doshi
Designation: Head & Associate Professor
Qualification: B.A.,M.A.,NET, PH.D.
Areas of interest:
Tel.No.(office): 2652 60 91, ext. 344, 469
Name: Dr. Ratilal I. Rohit
Designation: Lecturer
Qualification: M.A. , NET & Ph.D. (Gujarati)
Areas of interest: Linguistics, Medeival Textual Studies, Forms of Literature
Tel.No.(office): 2652 60 91, ext. 344, 469
Name: Dr. Urvashi M. Pandya
Designation: Sr. Lecturer
Qualification: M.A. , NET & Ph.D. (Gujarati)
Areas of interest: Comparative Literature, Feminism, History of Literature, Liguistics
Tel.No.(office): 2652 60 91, ext. 344, 469

Non Teaching Staff

Name: Mrs. Aarti A. Dongarkar
Designation: Jr.TY. Clerk
Name: Shri Madhukar N. Tamboli
Designation: Peon


Annual Report of Last Academic year

Annual Report of Last Academic Year : YEAR 2004-2005

(Period : 1st April, 2004 to 31st March, 2005)

Name of the University Department & Year of Establishment DEPARTMENT OF GUJARATI, 1st September, 1970
Name of the Head of the Department along with her Academic Qualifications Dr. Ratilal I Rohit, M.A., Ph.D. (Gujarati)
Teaching & Research Staff as on 31st March, 2005 Two Lecturer (Full-Time)
Sanctioned Staff Staff in Possition
Professor  Full – Time Part-Time Full-Time Part-Time
Lecturer 01 Vacant
Research 02 02
Number of teachers belonging to SC,ST,DT & NT as on 31st March, 2005
Scheduled Castes Scheduled Tribes Denotified & Nomadic Tribes
Male Female Male Female Male Female
Lecturer 01
Students Enrollment (Please give : the Number of students who were enrolled during the academic year 2004-2005.)
Courses Male Female Total
M.A. Part-I 02 10 12
M.A. Part-II 01 05 06
M.Sc. Part-I
M.Sc. Part-II
Master’s Degree(By Research)
Ph.D. 01 03 04
Total 04 18 22
Number of students belonging to : SC, ST, DT & NT(Please give the number of Students belonging to backward Classes during the Academic year 2002-2003.)
Male Female Total
Scheduled Castes
Schedules Tribes 01 01
Denotified Tribes & Nomadic Tribes
No. of students qualified for (Please mention number only) (By Research) Master’s Degree M.Phill Ph.D.
Book/Research Papers of Articles : Published by Teachers
Name of the Teacher BOOK Published
Dr. Ratilal I. Rohit ‘A Dalit Short Stories on overall review’ in Gujarati Literature. Published in ‘ANBHAI’ on July-September, 2004. Page No.65. A Critical appriciation of “DHAD” Short Story by Jayant Khatri. Published in ‘SHABDASHRUSTI’ November, 2004 , Page No.42.
“VAKAL NA LOKGITO” (Folk song of Vakal) a research work in Gujarati Folk Literature. Published in “Loksahitya Aapano Sanskrutik Varaso” in January, 2005, page No.170. “A NA BHULASO’ Poem published in ‘Hayati” December, 2004, page No.12.
Participation by Teachers in : Seminars/Conferences/Symposia of Regional/National/Internationals Importance and presentation of papers thereat during the period from 1st April, 2004to 31st March, 2005.
Name of Teacher Theme of the Seminar/ Conference/Symposia Name of the organizer Date and Place Title of the paper presented/
Dr. Ratilal Rohit Lecturer & Head National Seminar Faculty of Arts,M.S. University of Vadodara Baroda 25-2-2005 to 28-2-2005 “A Literary Tribute to Anton Pavlovich Chekhov’s: 1860 – 1904” on the subject of “A Chekhov’s Short Story : A Critical Study”
General : The University Department of Gujarati has organized two days Seminar on “Feminism ” on 16th & 17th September, 2004.Ms. Vibhuti Patel, Ms. Rucha Brahambhatt, , Ms. Nootan Damoar’ Mr.Digvijaysingh Gohil , Prof. Vasanti Damale ,Vaibhav Kothari, Shubha Nigam, Dr. Nalini Madgaonkar, Madhuri Chheda, Dr. Bharat Mehta, Prof. Jayant Parekh and eminant Scholar and Major Creative Writer of Gujarati Literature from Gujarat and Maharashtra participated in the said Seminar.
Lectures : Department of Gujarati has organized Special Lectures for the Post – Graduate students.
Name of the Speaker Date Subject
Prof. Jayant Parekh 13-8-2004 Suresh Joshi Ni Vartao
16-8-2004 My dear Jayu
20-9-2004 Vartakar R.V. Pathak
Prof. Bharat Mehta 20-9-2004 Chaurasir Ni Ma Hazar & Tamas
Dr. Rajenara Mehta 21-9-2004 Khandkavyo
22-9-2004 Khandkavyo
23-9-2004 Mahim ni khadi
Dr. Raman Soni 7-10-2004 Patrakaratav
8-10-2004 Patrakaratav
Prof. Jayant Umrethiya 4-10-2004 Loksahitya
5-10-2004 Sanshodhan Na Prashno
Dr. Arvind Bhandari 12-10-2004 Linguistics
Dr. Ramesh Ghodasara 24-11-2004 Patrakatrav Ni News Papers
Dr. Chandrakant Hirani 24-11-2004 Patrakarata
Dr. Pravin Darji 10-1-2005 Sonnet Nu Swarup Ane Sonnet No Aaswad
Dr. Neeta Bhagat 10-1-2005 T.S. Eliot
11-1-2005 Sushan Langar
Special Lecture : Dr. Ratilal Rohit , Head, Dept. of Gujarati Deliver a Special Lecture on the subject of “Premchand’s Literature’ .The Hindi Writer in the Department of Hindi, University of Mumbai, on 5th August, 2005. Deliver a Special Lecture on “Gujarati Folk Literature” in Shri M.D. Mahila College of Arts, Malad, S.N.D.T, University, Mumbai, on 18th October, 2004. Dr. Ratilal Rohit, Head, Dept. of Gujarati has done Orientation Course in May, 2004 from Gogate College, Ratnagiri, University of Mumbai. Dr.Mrs. Urvashi M. Pandya, Sr. Lecturer, Department of Gujarati.
Awards : Ph.D. October, 2004 – Modern Gujarati Fiction in the Special Context of the Elements as such

  • Plot Making
  • Crectoraization
  • Point of Narration
  • Stream I of Conciousness and Feminism

Ph.D. Thesis has selected as Best Thesis and granted of Rs.10,000′- for the Publication of the thesis by Gujarati Sahitya Akadami, Gandhinagar, in the year of 2004-2005. The Original Poetry collection ‘Yatana” has selected as Best Creative work and it has to be published by Gujarati Sahitya Parishad, Ahmedabad in this year.

Student : Kum. Shesh Sanghni ( March,2004) Kum. Geeta P. Varun, ( March, 2005) a student of M.A. (Part-II) received a B.K. Thakore Gold Medal and a ‘Harindra Dave Puraskar’ for securing highest marks in the subject of Gujarati.
Seminars : Two seminar every year

  • Navalkatha Satra (2002) / (Nature of Narrative)
  • Feminism (2003)
  • Feminism (2004)

Endowment Lectures of the Department –

  • Thakkar Vasanji Madhavji Endowment
  • Kumari Kailashben Ramprasad Mehta

Endowment in Comparative Literature
Visiting Professor Scheme : Every year Department invited various Scholars from all over India to deliver lectures for the Teachers and Students.

Achievment of the Department : B.K. Thakor Gold Medal  (2002-2004)

  • Ms. Falguni Jadia (2002)
  • Ms. Amita Shroff (2003)
  • Ms. Sneha Sangani (2004)
  • Ms. Geeta P. Varun (2005) securing highest Number of Marks in Gujarati at M.A. Final Examination

Publication of the Department :
‘Sanskrut Kavyashashtra Ni aadhunik Vevechana Man Parstutta’ – Shri Jayant Kothari (Relevance of Sanskrit Poetics in Modern Gujarati Practical Criticism)

‘Varta Sanchay – Edited by – Shri Jayant Parekh & Dr. Shirish Panchal (Collection of Modern Gujarati Short Stories Vol.1)

‘Varta Sanchay -2 – Edited by – Shri Jayant Parekh & Dr. Shirish Panchal (Collection of Modern Gujarati Short Stories Vol.2)

‘Sahitya Na Itihas Ni Abhidharna’ – by Dr. Chandrakant Topiwala New Historicism

‘Sahityik Artha No Koyado’ – by Dr. Suman Shah (The Problem of Literary Meaning)

‘Asyaah Sargavidhau’ – Dr. Prof. Sitanshu Yashaschandra (Collection of Critical Essays)