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Date of Establishment of the Centre : 1971-1972 (Centre For Soviet Studies).After the disintegration of the Soviet Union the emergence of the Commonwealth of Independent States has acquired major significance in the academic circles because of its regional importance, energy resources and ethnic volatility. All the developments in that region are of great interest to India. The Centre for Central Eurasian Studies therefore has shifted its earlier focus from being exclusively Soviet/Russia centric to the periphery, taking into consideration their significance in international scene. The research activities carried out in the Centre pay special attention to various issues involved in these areas: economic and political changes, demographic situation, ethnic conflict, gender issues, human rights aspects, security and terrorism.

The academic activities in the Centre are basically oriented towards understanding the ongoing socio-economic political, cultural and ethnic problem. In the conference and seminars organized by the Center emphasis is laid also on Indo-Russian relations and Indo-Central Asian Relations. The scholars in the Centre are also paying attention to the issues like energy, security, geo-politics, ethnicity, nationality problems and geo-economics in Central Eurasia. These issues constitute the thrust area of the research, documentation and publication of the Centre for Central Eurasian Studies. The Centre promotes interdisciplinary research and teaching on social, economic, political, ethno-national and foreign policy problems of the countries of the post-Soviet space.

The Centre has been offering 4 papers at M.A. level in combination with other social sciences discipline such as Economics, Politics, History, Sociology, and Geography and mass communications. In addition, the students of the Centre have to pass a compulsory auditing course in Russian Language for social scientists. After a gap of few years in 2007-08 Centre has started teaching M.A. course in Eurasian Studies once again, when students evinced interests. The Centre proposes to offer Part-time courses of 10-15 lectures yearly on themes such as Political System in Russia, Central Asia, Comparative Political System, Social Movements, Study of Civil Society and NGOs in these countries. It would also include brief study of the economic system of transition, review of fundamentalism in neighborhood, Federalism in Russia and India and Politics in Caucasus in comparative perspective.

From the academic year 2007-08 The Centre has introduced internal faculty seminars on monthly basis. The faculty members are actively participating in this activity. The Centre has restarted biennial publication of the Newsletter of the Centre “CENTRAL EURASIAN NEWSLETTER” from the academic year 2007-08. The Centre has initiated steps to bring out occasional papers in thrust areas from the forthcoming academic session. The faculty members have started working in this direction. And often guest lectures from outside are invited to participate in the occasional paper series on themes assigned to them. The Centre organizes from time to time national / international seminars, conferences, Symposia, workshops, to generate result oriented debates and ideas and output in this area. The Centre is continuously working in the direction of diversifying the teaching and the research activities of the Centre in order to promote Central Eurasian Studies among the colleges and universities of Maharashtra. The Centre receives Grants from UGC on five yearly basis under the UGC area studies programme.



The Centre has a computer lab with 3 sets of computers with internet facility. This facility is used by faculty members, research staff, adjunct faculty and the office. Besides this the Centre has one Xerox Machine, one Fax Machine and One LCD Projector.


The Documentation Unit of the Centre has been functioning with a Documentation Assistant and a Library Attendant since October, 1988. These two staff members have been carrying out the following work of the Documentation Unit.

The staff collects information from various libraries like the American Centre Library, Mumbai; Library of the Cultural Centre for Russia, Mumbai J.N.Library and Fort Library of the University of Mumbai and some other academic libraries in Mumbai. All these are collected and preserved in the Documentation Unit of the Centre.

A list of recent additions to the J.N.Library on Soviet/Russian and European Studies is circulated regularly for information to the users of the Centre.

Reference service and current awareness service are provided to the academic staff and students of the Centre on a regular basis. The Centre research students use the documentation and Computer facilities extensively. The Centre has a small collection of certain reports and articles which come on day to day basis. And the major book collection by way of purchases by the Centre is preserved in the main library.

The Centre maintains regular clippings of articles on CIS countries from the Economist and Newsweek.

Besides all these, there are some bibliographic publications brought out by the Documentation Assistant, Mrs. Visalakshy Gopalkrishna

They are as follows:
A select Bibliography on Soviet Central Asia. (1986)
A Special Bibliography on Soviet Economy (1987)
A Bibliography on Micro-films on Soviet & East European Studies purchased by the Centre of Soviet Studies. (1988)
A collection of Short Bibliographies on different topics on Soviet & East European Studies. (1998)
A Bibliography on Central Asian Economy (1999)
Corruption in Russia – a bibliography. (By Rama Sampathkumar) (2001)
A Concise Bibliography on Soviet/Russian Women. (2002)
Indo-Russian/Soviet Relations – A Select Bibliography (2003)
A Select Bibliography on Post-Soviet Central Asia. (2004)
Indo-Russian Relations – A Select Bibliography. (2005)


Centre For Central Eurasian Studies,
University of Mumbai,
Vidyanagari Campus, C.S.T. Road,
Santacruz(E), Mumbai-400098.
Tel. No. 26526091 Extn. 418,426
Email ID –

Post Graduate


Course Name M.A
Information The Centre has been offering 4 papers at M.A.level in combination with other social science discipline such as Economics, Politics, History, Sociology, Geography etc. since the academic year 1985-86.
Structure With the collapse of the Soviet Union, it was felt essential to change the contents of the courses. Hence the need for new syllabus arose. It was decided in 1996-97 to introduce new syllabi. The Centre faculty undertook the revision of syllabi which were subsequently, approved by the University authorities. As a result, the students could now offer the following courses at the M.A. level.
– 4 papers combination with their parent discipline department.
– 8 papers independently in Central Eurasian Studies ( to begin from academic year 2006-2007.)
In addition, the students of the Centre have to pass a compulsory auditing course in Russian language for social scientists for which the Centre has introduced special courses, designed by the Russian language Lecturer of the Centre.


M.A. Rs.
Tuition Fees 1000/-
P.G.Registration 800/-
Registration Form 15/-
Caution Deposit 10/-
Library Fees 200/-
Sudent’s Union 10/-
E-Charges 20/-
Disaster Fee 10/-
Gymkhana Fee 125/-
Cultural Activities 6/-
Sports & cultural Activites 10/-
Group Insurance Fee 20/-


PG Syllabus

Teaching Staff


Name: Dr.P.L.Dash
Qualification: M.A.(Hons),Ph.D., Diploma in Relations Russian
Designation: Professor
Specializat5ion: Russian/Soviet History,Central Asia, Indo-Russian Central Asia, Indo-Russian
Name: Ms.Shobha Gaekwad
Qualification: M.A.
Designation: Lecturer
Specialization: Russian Language
Name: Dr. Sanjay Deshpande
Qualification: M.A. Ph.D., Diploma in History Foreign Policy Russian
Designation: Lecturer & Director
Specialization: Russian/Soviet/Central Asian

Non-Teaching Staff


  • Ms. Shilpa U. Khare Statistical Assistant Data collection/Statistical
  • M.Sc. Ph.D (Statistics) Analysis and Assistance


Mrs.Cottie Coates Higher Grade Stenographer
Mrs. Harshada Sawant Jr. Typist Clerk
Mrs.Vijaya Deshmukh Jr. Typist Clerk
Mr.B.K.Shedge Library Attendant
Mr. D.M.Lotankar Peon

Course Name PhD
Fee Structure
Tuition Fees 1000/-
P.G.Registration 1000/-
Registration Form 15/-
Caution Deposit 10/-
Library Fees 400/-
Sudent’s Union 10/-
E-Charges 20/-
Disaster Fee 10/-
Gymkhana Fee 125/-
Cultural Activities 6/-
Sports & cultural Activites 10/-
Group Insurance Fee 20/-