The Academy of Theatre Arts was established in 2003. The University of Mumbai initiated this Academy keeping in mind the dearth of theatre training institutes in Mumbai, despite the city being the main centre of theatre activity in the country. The Academy has taken long stride at national and international level within a short span of seven years and it has become one of the leading theatre training institutes in India. The Academy of Theatre Arts offers a two – year full time comprehensive masters degree course in theatre arts.

This course is an integrated course based on the structures of the world renowned theatre training schools as well as rich traditional & modern theatre training practices of India.

The subjects academy offers are:- Dramatic Literature and Theatre History ( Western, Eastern & Indian Drama ) Stage Craft and Theatre Technique ( Theatre Architecture, Set Design, Light Designing, Costume Design,  Makeup & Music Design) Acting ( Body Movement, Rope Mallakhamb, Martial Art,  Voice & Speech, Traditional and Modern Dances, Yoga, Various Styles & Schools of Acting. ) Production & Direction ( Designing of the Production, Production Process & Direction. ) Participation in Departmental Productions, Play Writing, Theatre Management and Art Administration. The course emphasizes the ratio of 40:60% for theory and practical.

The students are given ample opportunities to watch and study plays and interact with theatre personalities at various festivals, performances and seminars thereby exposing them to current theatre practices. Fieldwork and field projects are given adequate importance in the programming of the Academy.

The students are encouraged to understand creative processes, organizational and administrative aspects as well as marketing values of theatre arts. Our teaching faculty consists of teachers of national and international reputes. After the completion of this course, the successful candidates will be awarded a masters degree in theatre arts: Master of Theatre Arts.


A]     To create an additional avenue of self-employment for students of the University of Mumbai and also to benefit the cultural arena by providing it with suitably trained Persons  in the field of Theatre Arts and Dramatics.

B]  To prepare students to exploit opportunities in the field of Theatre and other   Performing Arts, Art Administration, Theatre Research and Education, Films, Electronic Media and Mass Communication.

C] To provide adequate professional understanding about Acting, Production, Direction, Stagecraft, Playwriting and Theatre Criticism with adequate emphasis on theory and practical.

D] To inculcate training and a practical approach using modern technology in the fields of Theatre and the performing Arts.

E] To train all round theatre professionals who will provide leadership to the theatre culture of the country and work as facilitators for national and international theatres.

F] Academy will undertake to plan and implement degree and diploma courses and conduct short-term, intensive, specialized courses as per the requirements.

G] Academy will also undertake to plan research facilities.

H] The overall approach will be flexible and open to accept new challenges and execute programme independently in collaboration and even as an extension activity in order to provide a professional theatre training model of the highest standards.


    The department has 3 lecture rooms for M.Ed, M.Phil, PGDME and other course classes. All the classes have LCD projectors, OHPs and white boards. Students have independent chairs for writing and keeping their belongings.
    The Department has one reading room. M.Ed., M.Phil. and Ph.D. dissertations / thesis and PGDME Projects Reports completed in the department, are available for ready reference in the reading room of the department. The Department library has 500 Theses / Dissertations / Projects, Reports and more than 100 books are available to students and Faculty for ready reference.
    The Department has a well maintained Computer laboratory with internet facility for the staff and the students of the Department.
    The department has 3 laboratories They are:(a) Educational and Psychological Tests Laboratory: Educational and Psychological tests and instruments are available for reference and use by the staff and students of the department.(b) Laboratory for Experiments in Educational Psychology: Experiments in Educational Psychology are conducted from time to time as a part of the various courses.(c) Laboratory for Educational Technology: The Department has a well maintained laboratory of Educational Technology. Computers, OHP, Video, TV Tape-recorder, Slide projectors and epidiascope are available for use by the staff and the students of the Department.
    The University of Mumbai maintains hostels for the students (for both boys and girls) of the University at Churchgate and at Vidyanagari, Campus. Students seeking admission to the hostel are required to fill in the form of application, which must be submitted, to the Warden before the beginning of the academic terms for which the admission is sought.
    The University of Mumbai has two libraries, the Jawaharlal Nehru University at Vidyanagari Campus and the Fort Library at the Fort Campus. There are approximately 45000 Books in Education and 8 Journals and e-journals for reference work.
    The department has 6 faculties and each of them have separate rooms. They have computers with internet facility and other accessories.
    The department has one office room. It has computers with internet connection, printers, Xerox machine, telephone and all technical accessories. The non-teaching staff has separate working tables and computers.
    The department has 1 common room, 1 machine room and 1 peon rooms. Besides it has 4 toilets for students and 3 toilets for staff of the department.


University of Mumbai has 2 Central Libraries (Fort and Kalina campus) There are approximately 8500 Books in Education and 8 Journals in the main library.

Some of the special facilities provided by the Department are:

Reading room for Students
M.Ed., M.Phil.and Ph.D. dissertations/ thesis and PGDME Projects Reports completed in the department, are available for ready reference in the reading room of the department. The Department library has 500 Theses/Dissertations/ Project Reports and 80 books available to students and Faculty for ready reference.

Computer Room for students and teachers


Laboratory for Educational Technology: The Department has a well maintained laboratory of Educational Technology. Computers, OHP, Video, TV Tape-recorder, Slide projectors and epidiascope are available for use by the staff and the students of the Department.

Research Paper Reading Sessions
A Research Paper Reading Session is arranged every month which provides a forum for researchers to present and discuss their research studies.

Preparation of Reports

  1. Ports are prepared of Research Paper Reading Sessions every year.
  2. Port of the Proceeding of Seminars/workshops organized by the Department of are prepared.
  3. Blication of the Department
    1. Educational Research in the University of Bombay (1981)
    2. Educational Research in the Eighties in the University of Bombay (1993)
    3. Hand Book Research Tools in Education (2002)

These are circulated to the participants, Research guides and Colleges of Education

  1. The department plans to introduce the following courses in the near future: Certificate urse in Teaching Technologies in Higher Education
  2. Computerisation of Administrative and Research work.
  3. Research projects in the following areas are planned to be undertaken.
    1. Educational Psychology
    2. Teacher Education
    3. Management of Education
    4. Higher Education
    5. Women Education
    6. Economics of Education

The Department has collaborative programmes with other Departments, colleges as well as industry.

Inter-Department Programmes / Projects Undertaken by the Faculty.

The Department of Education in collaboration. with :

Academic Staff College, University of Mumbai organized Refresher Courses in Education in December 1995, March 1996, March 1997, and March 1998.

Department of Civics and Politics, University of Mumbai organized 3 workshops on Research Methodology in Political Science in June 1995, December 1996 and June 1998.

U.G.C. Coaching Centre Scheme for Training the Trainer organized two workshop in August 1997.

Board of Studies in Sociology organized a Seminar-Workshop for Sociology Teachers in Degree Colleges.


The selection of candidates for admission to the Theatre Arts course will be based on:

1] Degree in Dramatics and Theatre Arts from any recognized University.


Bachelor’s Degree in any subject/faculty from any recognized University.


Experience of participating in theatre activity. (Preference will be given to students or practitioners of the performing arts such as theatre, music, dance, folk and traditional theatre, etc).

2] Entrance examination, Performance Test, Interview and Aptitude Test (Written and Practical).



A] The Course shall be a full-time course. The duration of the course shall be two years.

B] Each batch shall consist of not more than 30 students.

C] No student will be allowed to complete this course or appear for examinations as an external candidate.

D] 90% attendance is compulsory. Students have to attend all the classes to become eligible for the final examination.

E] During this course students are not allowed to participate or part at any professional, amateur cultural events/shows/plays/T.V. serials, films etc.

F] The course shall consist of five major subjects.

G] The candidate should have knowledge of English, Hindi and Marathi.

H] English, Hindi and Marathi languages are flexibly used for teaching and performances.



A candidate shall be declared to have passed the Master’s Degree in Theatre Arts examination if he/she passes in all the papers by securing not less than 40% marks in theory and 50% marks in practical’s.

A candidate shall be declared to have passed in Second Division if he/she secures 60% marks but less than 60% marks in the aggregate.

A candidate shall be declared to have passed in First Division if he/she secures 60% marks but less than 66% marks in the aggregate.

A candidate shall be declared to have passed in First Division with Distinction if he/ she secures 66% and above in the aggregate.


  • Master of performing Arts (Two year) (Theatre)
  • Diploma in Acting Skill


……………………….                       Head Clerk

Pramod Ghadigoankar                        Junior Clerk

Hemant Wagh                                     Technical Superintendent

Manisha Gosavi                                  Data Entry Operator

Nitin Joshi                                           Peon

Mangesh Kelaskar                               Peon

Prashant Pawar                                   Hamal

Deepak Mane                                      Hamal

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