Name:- Dr. Dhaneswar Harichandan, Ph.D.
Designation:- Director In Charge, 
Principal Investigator,e-PG Pathshala project of UGC in Adult Education, Institute of Distance and Open Learning,,
Areas of Interests:- Philosophy of Education, Teacher Education , Distance Education ,Adult Learning
Telephone:- 2652 7082, Fax : 2652 7083


sanjay.jpg Name:- Dr. Sanjay Ratnaparakhi
Designation:- Assistant Director (Academic)
Areas of Interests:-
Political Science, International Relation, Open and Distance Edu. and Quality Assurance in Higher Education.,
Telephone:- 022-26540951, Ext-3114.
bankar.jpg Name:-Mr. Anil R. Bankar
Designation:-: Assistant Professor-cum Asst. Director in History
Institute of Distance Education
Areas of Interests:- Modern Indian History,
World History, History of Tribal Education
Telephone:- 26540951, Ext.:3116
rathod.jpg Name:- Dr. Santosh D. Rathod
Designation:-: Assistant Professor-cum Asst. Director in English
Areas of Interests:- English Novels, Literary criticism,
Indian writing in English
Telephone:- 26543115
pandtrao.jpg Name:- Dr. Madhura Kulkarni
Designation:-Assistant Professor-cum- Asst. Director in Accountancy
Areas of Interests:- Accountancy ,Commerce & Marketing
Telephone:- 26543123
sathye.jpg Name:- Ms. Rajashri P. Pandit
Designation:- Assistant Professor-cum- Asst. Director in Economics
Areas of Interests:- International Economics & Industrial Economics
mandar.jpg Name:- Mr. Mandar Bhanushe.
Designation:- Assistant Professor-cum- Asst. Director, Mathematics.
Areas of Interests:- Functional Analysis, Numerical Analysis, Complex Analysis, and Algebra
26527092 / 26543124